Flat roofing

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Cost effective flat roofing with felt laying          

Laying the felt on the flat roof is cost effective and a wise decision because covering the roof with roofing felt, creating a waterproof barrier between you and any rain that could potentially come.

A great benefit to roofing felt is that it can also act as a moisture barrier and moisture barrier in a roof is highly important nowadays since the way houses are now built with certain extras such as double glazing making air circulation more of a problem.

When the hot air is rising through the house and reaches the roof, any moisture in the air that condenses on the underside of the shingles, will get caught by the roofing felt.

It also creates a safer layer for them to work on, helping to make it less likely that they could slip. Another handy advantage is that the roofing felt does temporarily dry once the roof is up and complete.